Hair (legacy)


Hair loss can be straightforward to address when the cause is apparent, such as a complication of diabetes. However, classic androgenic alopecia (AGA) remains intractable unless a plurality of the different therapeutic options are employed.

Ideally a AGA treatment strategy should begin at the first signs of loss, where a combination of preventative topical treatments and AdMSC based regenerative treatments can be employed. This approach is designed to protect and enhance the thick-coverage terminal hairs.

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AdMSC-based treatments can also be used adjunctive in combination with Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) as it’s helpful to these transplanted organs retention in the same way as fat autografts; and, as there’s an opportunity to develop a base of thinner vellus hairs in extant follicles to supplement a ‘canopy’ of FUE or remaining terminal hairs